Uncategorized August 9, 2022

How to Make Your Annual Property Reviews Shine by Mali Creek

The annual property review. 

You might love it, you might hate it, you might even be intimidated by it. Regardless of where you stand, an annual report for a past client is a key touchpoint in solidifying loyalty, elevating brand awareness, and securing referrals and repeat business.

But why should your clients care about it? What’s the actual value in it for them?

When it comes to sphere selling methodologies, the key to success is creating opportunities to provide value to your clients. Plenty of agents mail out an annual property review, but without some commentary to put it in perspective, your clients might not take more than a quick glance at it before dropping it in the recycle bin.

There are a few ways we recommend using your tech stack to your advantage to put some value in your annual property review – and yes, this is us saying you should do it annually!

The number.

Everyone is going to want that number right up front. It’s even more helpful to educate your clients and show the perspective and the details as to how that number is calculated, and why their home is valued a certain way. Being able to educate your clients and walk them through the process is much more helpful than just spitting out a number and expecting them to agree with you. Here are some ways to do this in your review.

  • Consider including a range and a round number. Point them to comparables in the area that helped calculate this number for them.
  • If the value went up, give them explanations as to what factors added to the increased value. Was it regional, their own home upgrades, or something else?
  • If the value dropped, give them honest reasons why. But make sure you show them optimistic views of why it may have been calculated slighthly lower, and what to expect in the coming months.
  • Explain the difference between the current assessed value and taxes against the market value.

The reminders. 

You can add more value to your annual property reviews by including some helpful reminders and tips. Turning it into more than just an update on a number is going to be more meaningful to your clients and continue building your relationship with them.

  • Revisit some of the key items that were listed on their original home inspection. This is a great time to revisit those updates.
  • Give them one or two items that they should consider working on this year, and what those changes could do to their home value.
  • This is also a good time to hit them with seasonal reminders such as changing their smoke detectors, hiring a chimney sweep before fall and winter, or cleaning their gutters. We all think of these things, but sometimes folks need a reminder that this maintenance can keep their home (and home value) in tip top shape.
  • For any of these changes or reminders, make a recommendation for a technician or company that you know and trust.

The personalization. 

What can you provide that no other agent can? Your knowledge, your personality, and your colorful and unique insight! Including this in your annual property review is no exceptioin. It’s up to you to take a dry, sometimes mundane update and make it mean something more to your clients.

  • Use this review to remind your client of all the amazing local amentities they have around them. Share your favorite restaurant in the area or ask if they’ve tried the local coffee shops.
  • Bonus! You can work with a local business to create and share a verbal discount code or discounted item! it’s a win-win-win for you, the business, and your clients.
  • Did your client have a recent graduate move off to college? Give them some ideas with what to do with a “new” spare room, or other ideas for newly empty nesters.
  • If you’re a MoxiEngage user, you can run a Neighborhood News campaign and share that information as part of the review. Offer to sign them up (if they aren’t already) so they can receive regular updates throughout the year before their next personalized annual review.

Then of course, you need to consider your method of delivery. It’s easy to email your presentation straight from MoxiPresent to your client. When you follow up with them to make sure they received it, you can include another personal note and call out a few important details from the review.

Another option is to seamlessly use a printer-friendly version of your report in MoxiPresent and add another personal touch. If you go this route, have it bound and deliver it straight to your client’s door with some treats like cookies from a local bakery.

However you choose to send your annual property reviews, make sure you set a goal for youself to stay on track. Can you do one, two, or even three per week? Make a plan to start with the A’s and work your way down to the Z’s to make sure all of your clients have quality, educational annual property reviews.

It’ll take some time, and yes it’s probably easier to mail merge names and home values, then bulk order a bunch of generic cards, print a virtaul signature on them, and send it out. However, the most successful agents know that taking the time to add some client education and a personal touch is what strengthens your business and sets you apart from the rest.